Episode 101: Planet of the Vapes

33 minutes

10/2/19-- With so much happening on the state and national level, Stephanie and Jenn tackle a little bit of everything on this week's show. An impeachment inquiry into President Trump has officially begun, and as Stephanie points out, there's a local angle there. Rep. Richard Neal from Massachusetts' 1st District came out in favor of impeachment , becoming one of the last members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation to do so.

After last week's results of the Boston City Council preliminary election were revealed, MassINC Polling Group Research Director took a look at the elections data and produced comprehensive maps showing the geographic strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. He breaks it all down and predicts how the candidates moving forward will fare in the general come November.

Next, the hosts are joined by Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commissioner Shaleen Title who, to put it mildly, has been having a busy month. Governor Baker put forth a four-month statewide ban on all vaping products after a concerning number of vaping-related illnesses and deaths broke out. Baker said the ban will provide time to investigate the root of these effects, which is currently unknown. While the ban was placed in the name of safety, Title argues that a hasty move like this is in itself harmful, as consumers are likely to seek out the products they want on the illicit market.

Finally, Boston Globe reporter Milton Valencia visits the bunker once again to lay out what exactly is going on at the Boston Zoning Board. With bribery scandals abound, Milton puts into perspective how serious this particular controversy is, in light of those that have hit the city of Boston in recent months.

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