Episode 116: Do More with Lesser

31 minutes

1/29/20--Believe it or not, we are less than a week away from the Iowa caucuses, and the podcast bunker is filled with anticipation. Especially because after Iowa comes New Hampshire, and after New Hampshire, Super Tuesday when we all get to exercise our right to vote and revel in the democratic experience.

In other news, the impeachment trial continues, and we turn to our very own pollster Steve Koczela to break down what voters think about whether Senators should call former National Security Adviser John Bolton to testify during the trial. This comes after revelations that a book manuscript written by Bolton contains evidence that would incriminate the President.

Stephanie Murray has just returned from New Hampshire, where she covered an Elizabeth Warren canvassing event and met campaign surrogates who connected with Warren after being victimized by the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. They shared their story with Stephanie.

Finally, we turn to the most vocal advocate for an east-west rail link, State Senator Eric Lesser, whose high hopes for the potential project include improving the congestion crisis in Eastern Massachusetts and stimulating the economy in Western Massachusetts.

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