Episode 120: Berning Down the House

31 minutes

2/26/20-- Super Tuesday is now less than a week away, and once those results are in (which we will be breaking down at our live podcast the following Wednesday--register at thehorseracepodcast.com), we will likely have a much better understanding of what the path to the nomination may look like. Our home state of Massachusetts is of course one of the 14 states participating in Super Tuesday, and Bernie Sanders is gunning for the 91 delegates the state has to offer. The Sanders campaign is putting on a 4-day music and canvassing festival known as Berniepalooza in Worcester starting Friday. Plus, Sanders rallies are set to take place in Springfield Friday and Boston Saturday. If Sanders is successful and wins the majority of Massachusetts delegates, that will leave a mark on home state Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

Joining as a guest on The Horse Race today is member of the Boston Democratic Socialists of America, Beth Huang. Boston DSA backs candidate Bernie Sanders, and Huang recently co-wrote an article on the subject of a potential contested convention--something Sanders has been vocal about opposing. Her tweet accompanying the article reads, "We will primary every superdelegate and take mass direct action if the DNC steals the nomination from Bernie Sanders."

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