Episode 125: Suffolk Clowns

36 minutes

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4/1/20-- It’s been 11 days since Governor Charlie Baker issued a stay-at-home advisory to the people of Massachusetts, and today, he extended it from April 7th to May 4th. Since then he’s also asked that out-of-state visitors self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival to Massachusetts, or just don’t come here at all.

Within the stay-at-home advisory is the mandate that schools and non-essential businesses remain closed until May 4th. These orders have brought up the question of, what defines an essential business? The state deemed recreational marijuana shops non-essential, but liquor stores essential, for example.

The coronavirus pandemic’s impacts on our democracy keep coming, and the most recent example of that for Massachusetts elections was the cancellation of the Democratic National Convention. The convention, scheduled for May 30th in Lowell, was cancelled by party chairman Gus Bickford, and the convention endorsement effectively handed to incumbent Senator Ed Markey, facing challenger Joe Kennedy. Stephanie Murray clears up some of the confusion surrounding this news.

The anxiety surrounding the future of our economy feels inescapable. And according to polling from The MassINC Polling Group and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the impacts are taking a different toll on the various groups that make up the workforce here in Massachusetts. Younger workers tend to bear more of the brunt of the economic toll, resident pollster Steve Koczela explains.

Thank you very much to our listeners for their creative responses to the question, what is one thing you don't have in your quarantine bunker that you wish you did? Now, for this week's question: what's a new hobby you've picked up or an old one you've returned to as result of the long, quiet days?

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