Episode 70: Census & Sensibility

37 minutes

2/20/2019-- Steve and Jenn are in the bunker, together again, and back with a special announcement: they want to hear from you, dear listeners. So send in your #mapoli questions to us via the Pony Express, a.k.a. The Horse Race's version of a mailbag. Hit us up on Twitter @The_HorseRace, or email us at thehorseracepodcast@gmail.com.

In other news, Jenn and Steve sit down with Luc Schuster of the Boston Foundation to discuss the current state of the 2020 Census, how it works, and what's at stake for Massachusetts.

Michael Levenson of The Boston Globe has been covering Bill Weld before and since his recent presidential campaign announcement. Steve and Jenn have a multitude of questions for him about the Republican-turned Libertarian-turned back to Republican candidate.

The thought of sitting outside enjoying a cold beer is a distant one for most Bostonians today as the temperature hovers around 30 degrees. But Jenn and Steve demand to know why anyone might pose a threat to their beloved beer gardens. Senator Nick Collins explains why his recently filed legislation regarding licensing is not a direct attack on beer gardens.

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