Episode 72: Crossing The Atlantic

35 minutes

3/6/2019-- Steve and Jenn are back in the saddle and boy, do they have a lot to discuss. First, who was that guy with local ties who mentioned running against Trump as a Republican? Oh, yeah. Bill Weld, who has not made a peep in recent weeks.

Next up, the hosts have a bone to pick with a certain Atlantic article that's been circulating, which maps levels of political intolerance throughout the country. They argue that while Suffolk County may in fact be extremely politically intolerant, this study does not prove that. Steve explains how the methods the researchers employed to come to their conclusions are flawed.

Joining the conversation is Paul McMorrow, director of communications and policy at Mass Housing. He breaks down the governor's newly filed legislation regarding housing. He addresses the housing supply problem in Massachusetts and how this legislation will go about executing Baker's promise of 135,000 new housing units by 2025.

Finally, Adam Vaccaro drops by to discuss yet another intrinsic Massachusetts problem... transportation. He talks fare hikes, the idea of a free MBTA and, of course, space savers.

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