Episode 76: The Family Juuls

31 minutes

4/3/2019--This week on the racetrack, Steve and Jenn begin with a familiar topic: the electoral college. Should it stay or should it go? The hosts review results of polling that asked the public this very question.

Later, they're joined by Allyson Perron of the American Heart Association to discuss recently proposed legislation that would impose an excise tax on sugary drinks. And, of course, they get her feedback on the announcement that former state Attorney General Martha Coakley will be joining the e-cigarette company Juul, a move that seemingly contradicts her 2013 call on federal regulators to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. Juul has been widely criticized for marketing its products to minors.

Plus, longtime friend of the pod Sam Hammar joins to chat through the recent passage of a budget override in Melrose (its first one since 1992). She worked for the 'Yes' campaign and shares what she believed was essential in producing high voter turnout.

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