Episode 95: Half in the Bag Ban

31 minutes

8/21/19--A new co-hosting combo hits the bunker this week -- it's Steve and Stephanie breaking down the latest in Massachusetts. First up is a rundown of the very busy Massachusetts primaries. With all the announced challengers to Congressional incumbents (and undoubtedly more to come), Steve and Stephanie address the question: is the era of "wait your turn" in politics over?

The hosts are next joined by Janelle Nanos, a Boston Globe reporter who recently covered the plastic bag ban breakdown on Beacon Hill. A draft of legislation instituting a statewide ban on plastic bags got derailed when a second draft emerged, effectively weakening existing legislation in Massachusetts cities and towns that ban plastic bags and charge fees on paper bags.

Last but not least, friend of the pod Ben Downing stops by to talk about his most recent op-ed for Commonwealth Magazine, wherein he urges Democrats not to criticize Baker as a Trump/Pence-clone (a characterization Downing says is untrue and unfair), but to look at Baker's past five years as governor and demand more drastic action on the most dramatic issues in the state.

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