Mass Reboot 4: Food

34 minutes

This week on Mass Reboot, the pandemic’s impacts fell heavily on restaurants. What did industry professionals do to survive the pandemic, and how are they bouncing back as eager diners return in droves as the state reopens? Find out on Episode 4, Food.

Bob Luz, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, describes what it was like reckoning with an entire sector of the economy screeching to a halt almost overnight, and what it took to keep restaurants afloat during that time.

Former Lawrence mayor Dan Rivera remembers the quick mobilization of a local coalition when COVID hit-- to both support restaurants and provide food assistance to those who needed it.

Restaurant employees Ashley, Caroline, and Bruno anticipate a return to full restaurants and bars, but wonder whether Boston will remain the thriving hub of lunch spots and after-work drink hangouts if remote and hybrid work continues to be as popular as it has been.

Next week: Work.

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