Mass Reboot 5: Work

38 minutes

7/28/21--Each episode of Mass Reboot thus far has touched on one thing over and over again-- a particular, consuming aspect of our lives: work. Restaurant workers lost jobs due to the pandemic. So did artists. Work has, for the most part, dictated where we live, and how and where we travel day to day.

If any one event had the ability to upend work as a grounding force in our lives, it was the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, people lost that root--either they were laid off or lost wages. Or, they kept their jobs but took their work from the office to the home. Others still who remained in in-person jobs had to face the looming threat of COVID when they went to work.

When the distribution of vaccines began, many workers and their bosses looked forward to a hybrid work format that would offer the best of both worlds: the ability to collaborate in person with colleagues some days, but enjoy the comfort of working from home other days. Now, however, with COVID cases rising in all states, that future is up in the air. Yajaira Toribio of Dreams Nail Lounge, Segun Idowu of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, Maeghan Welford of the MITRE Corporation, JD Chesloff of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable discuss their perspectives on how our ideas of work changed during the pandemic, and what work looks like in the coming months and years.

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